Fact Check: Did the Libertarian Party Reject Ron Paul?

After the Liberty Hangout announced LP chair Daniel Hayes had shot down the Mises Caucus’ efforts to have Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano speak at the LNC, Libertarian blogs and Facebook groups began arguing over the truth of the announcement.

The Jack Newsdebunked” the story, claiming Hayes had never “banned” Paul from the LNC. They’re not wrong, but the Liberty Hangout never said Paul was banned from the LNC, they said Hayes rejected the idea of having him speak at the event. Conflating the two is a classic red herring, and piss-poor journalism.

Yes, Hayes, acting on behalf of LP leadership, told Michael Heise of the Mises Caucus in a now public Facebook message that “Paul is out as a speaker,” and that “He has no idea what the LP represents.”

LP rejects Ron Paul

Daniel Hayes to Michael Heise

As pointed out by the Columbian Post, there is no arguing the context of the above messages. Heise offered Ron Paul on a silver platter, even agreeing to pay his speaker fees. Hayes rejected the offer.

I guess Jack is yesterday’s fake news.

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