Did Melania Protest Trump’s State of the Union?

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has given Melania plenty of reason to hate his guts.

Along with being the presidential candidate who openly admitted to grabbing another woman “by the pussy,” President Trump also gained notoriety after evidence confirmed that he had an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels shortly after his wife gave birth to their child. Adding insult to injury, Trump allegedly claimed that he gave Melania “a week” to lose her baby weight.

Rumors have been claiming that the two have an icy, if not downright abusive marriage. In recent months Melania has been notably absent from her husband’s side. Body language experts and major newsgroups both seem to have gotten confirmation of Melania’s disengagement from Trump during the State of the Union Address.

If you look carefully, it appears that Melania is doing a low-key protest of her husband’s speech. The First Lady wore a white pantsuit to the SOTU address, a classic sign of support for women’s suffrage. It’s also worth pointing out that all the female Democrat politicians wore white at the State of the Union Address last year. Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not.

For political aficionados, what was most shocking is that she did not arrive with President Trump, bucking a long tradition that shows unity between the president and first lady. Melania ended up staying with the entourage at the First Lady’s Box the entire night. President Donald Trump and his wife have not been seen together since New Year’s Eve.

For body language experts and those with a keen eye, it was her reaction to the actual address that was the most striking. It’s very telling that everyone in the audience stood up to applaud Trump’s statement on “faith and family” except for Trump’s wife. Melania continued to sit, stone-faced, giving a “golf clap” to the statement. Melania definitely did not look happy.

Both body language and the broken traditions suggest that the first lady may have had enough of Donald. Melania has neither confirmed nor denied whether her actions were a sign of protest. Either way, it definitely suggests that the rumors of Trump’s decaying marriage are more than rumors.

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