The Feng Shui for Life

2018 has arrived with its many changes. There is something about a new year that brings excitement and thrill to all who inhabit the earth. It is the time for new!

It All Begins Here

In fashion, technology, home décor, and even relationships, the energy of change creates chaos for desires. To change only one thing is never enough resulting in every area of a person’s life and surroundings getting a classic makeover. It is the feng shui of life!

Feng shui is harmonizing a person in their environment. The feng shui of life is either impulsive or organized. On the impulsive side, there is a domino effect where changing one thing leads to the changing of others, but, with organization, it is in the plans that everything gets changed to match the new feelings. Simply stated, everything needs to change for this energy to flow. Where does the change begin? In the person’s mind. Where does it end? It doesn’t.

Feng Shui the Mind

Our outside world reflects what is inside. Before any physical changes can occur, a person must do a mental health check. Crazy? Who said anything about being crazy? Yes. The mind is highly neglected along with physical health right. It is okay for a person to get help with this if they are not able to do it themselves. It’s better to get help, to be honest, because now there no need to think hard. There are professionals in various fields targeting the mind. A person will have to find one that meets their criteria. Develop a list to go by making the selection process easier and look for the type of professional that gives the feeling of comfort like a friend but holds a person accountable like a parent. Nothing says “new” like a new outlook on the world because of the healthy feelings of happiness from within.

Fung Shui the Body

The pattern is becoming noticeable. First was the mind, now it’s the body, and that is correct. After the happiness is established, confidence is a must. To be happy but insecure is counterproductive. The saying, “You look as good as you feel,” is not fiction. The better a person feels about how they look, the more endorphin, oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin (happy chemicals) the brain can produce. There isn’t a need to become a gym enthusiast, wasting money on a membership if that does not fit a person’s lifestyle. Small steps can be taken to regain a routine to raise the heart rate a little, and the activities of bedroom do not count. Sorry. There’s other ways to make cardio fun. A person can go swimming, walking around the mall or park while enjoying the scenes, or simply finding a way that suits their own creativity. The need for increased activity is life-threatening. Again, this is not fiction, so, go get active and feel good.

Feng Shui for All Circumstances

Happy and looking good are on the rise. What could possibly be next? It is time to stand still and look around at those circumstances. Here’s the checklist of what is considered a part of a person’s circumstances: finances, career, environment, and a few tangibles.

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