3 Reasons why Mr. Svenson can’t be the real Black Hood on Riverdale

It’s safe to say most fans of Riverdale were pretty underwhelmed by the reveal that Mr. Svenson, Riverdale High’s janitor, was the mysterious Black Hood. It was the kind of twist that left viewers thinking, “Oh, okay then” instead of, “OH MY GOD!” Despite a handful of great moments – particularly between Archie and Betty – this lackluster reveal left a rather sour taste in our mouths when the midseason finale was over. It’s bad enough we have to wait a month for Riverdale to return, but this added insult to injury.

However, the hiatus is almost over, and now that our wounds are nearly healed it’s time to get optimistic and consider why Svenson might have been just a big fake out. We’ve already presented some pretty solid physical evidence on why the janitor in question isn’t the masked murderer, but here are some additional details we can contemplate on to keep some hope alive.

1 – Sheriff Keller shot too soon.

While I appreciate that Keller was only doing what he thought was absolutely necessary, fatally shooting Svenson eliminated any possibility for the man to confirm (or deny) his identity as the Black Hood. On top of that, the only reason Svenson was even in the position to be shot by Keller was because he got distracted and outwitted by Betty. Now, I’m not saying Betty isn’t a capable young woman, but it’s a little hard to believe the Black Hood could be bested so easily.

2 – Svenson died in the same way he sinned.

This is definitely my favorite factor in support of Svenson being innocent. The Black Hood is all about eradicating the sinners of Riverdale. Svenson’s sin was accusing the wrong man (who was then murdered) of killing his family. So, what if the Black Hood planned to have Svenson killed in the same way he sinned? Seems to me this would be right in line with the BH’s M.O., and it’s far more plausible than what Betty suggests; that Svenson was “balancing the scales” after condemning the wrong man.

3 – Svenson wasn’t close enough to the core characters.

Like, where did he even come from? We knew the man for all of five minutes before he (allegedly) became the Black Hood. This is a glaring issue considering how personal his attacks were towards characters like Archie and Betty. The BH was framed as having an intimate connection with them – and a borderline obsessive one with Betty – but, in actuality, Svenson was very detached from all of them. This might just be a fault in the writing; if Svenson had been introduced earlier in the season (or even the series as a whole) perhaps viewers would have felt a stronger connection to both him as a character, and his relationship with others in the show.

Of course, there is a chance Svenson really was the Black Hood (ugh.) In an interview with TVLine, Riverdale’s executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said, “I think the Black Hood saga, as we’ve been playing it, is over.” That could mean a few different things, though, since he used the words “as we’ve been playing it.” In any case, I’d bet all the milkshakes in Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe that, even id Svenson did do it, he wasn’t working alone. Someone real shady was snapping secret photos of Archie and Veronica, and that practically screams personal attack, which is exactly the Black Hood’s style.

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