What Really Happened in Hawaii “Incoming Missile” Gaffe?

You may recall the announcement regarding incoming missiles in Hawaii back on January 13, 2018. As we all know, the attack turned out to be false, but many people blamed President Trump because they have been told that he wants nothing more to get his itchy finger on the nuclear trigger switch to start WWIII. According to these people, Trump is more diabolical than the guy currently in charge of North Korea. It just goes to show you how naive and gullible people can be when they’ve learned to set critical thinking skills they may have possessed at one time, to the side.

As far as the world is concerned, everyone in Hawaii at the time of the event received what they all thought was a very real announcement of an incoming missile attack. We had relatives there at the time and they recall how afraid they were, thinking that life for them was coming to an immediate end. People were quickly told that it had been a false alarm and slowly life went back to normal. Allegedly, one guy in Hawaii had apparently “leaned” on the switch that sent the alarm. In point of fact, it’s not that easy really. It takes more than simply “leaning” on something for that emergency alert to have gone out. There actually had to be something that prompted the alert to be sent to everyone’s phones. So what was it? Do we know for sure?

Well, Q has an interesting explanation and it is an explanation that I personally believe because it makes the most sense. You are free to disagree as you choose. On that very day – January 13 – Q made no less than 12 posts to the Anonymous board that is his private board. From there, other Anon members take his posts and copy/paste them onto another public board that anyone can see. This is the MO and it is how Q’s board remains safe, though it has been hacked in times past. The hacking though has simply caused Q and the mods to put more safeties in front of things to make the board that much more secure, with tripcodes, etc.

At any rate, the one main post we want to look at is the one in the image shown. It is not the complete post, but it highlights the part that we are going to break down. Notice Q starts off with “BIG news week?” It’s obviously rhetorical. He posted this at 22:09:38 or 10:09pm EST, so it was well after the false missile alert went out. He then reminds Anon that “Future proves past.” This is an oft-repeated statement by Q pointing out that he PREDICTS many things and when they actually occur, it is proof that his posts are filled with integrity. He has a consistently good track record in that department.

Q then asks, “What news was unlocked?” This turns out to be an extremely important question, which comes to light when other questions are answered. Let’s keep going and we’ll come back to that. The next question is, “Do you believe in coincidences?” Q will either ask this question or he will simply state, “There are no coincidences.” The meaning is very clear. Nothing happens accidentally. There are reasons why things happen.

Q then types >U1 and this is connected to his question regarding coincidences. Q is saying there are NO coincidences and then points to U1 (Uranium One deal that involved Hillary Clinton, which we are now finding out about). Q then asks “What public disclosure occurred re: U1?”

Q is asking people to be on the alert for any new information that comes out regarding the Uranium One deal. The next line “>DEFCON 1 [non-nuke FALSE]” is saying that even though the incoming missile alert triggered a DEFCON 1 situation, it turned out to be completely false. It was a false alert. Q then asks “COMMAND?” then “WHY?” Q is asking why was the COMMAND given in the first place. He is saying that the incoming missile alert, though false, was NOT an accident. The command was literally given to make the announcement.

Q asks “WHY?” then “NECESSARY”? In other words, as I’ve stated before, Q often ASKS questions instead of simply making statements. Q is saying that the command that triggered the false emergency alert was absolutely necessary. The rest of what he is asking/stating provides the reason for that.

“NO SUCH AGENCY” is Q’s way of referring to the NSA. You may recall that the previous head of the NSA was Clapper and Adm. Mike Rogers worked there under Clapper. It was Mike Rogers who, unbeknownst to his boss, flew to the east coast and met with Trump during the transition after the election. While there, Rogers informed Trump that the entire Trump Tower had been bugged. The NSA was listening in because they had FISA warrants to do that. They were looking for dirt on Trump that would implicate him as a Russian spy. This is absurd, but it is amazing how many on the Left continue to believe this. The more that comes out, the less this theory holds water.

Q’s next question is “Where did POTUS stop [post] Asia?” Well, let’s see, if we look back, we know that Trump stopped in Hawaii after he left Asia. In fact, there were reports that Bill and Hillary were also in Hawaii during this same period. But why would Trump need to stop in Hawaii? Q says “IT WAS NECESSARY” “FOR GOD & COUNTRY” and again, “IT WAS NECESSARY.”

Clearly, we’re not talking about a potty break here. There was some very serious business that needed to occur in Hawaii with President Trump. Q said it was absolutely necessary “for GOD AND COUNTRY.” Wow, what could it have been?

The next line “NO OTHER VEHICLE TO REGAIN ENTRY” is at first glance, nonsensical. It doesn’t seem to make sense. My hat is off to the people over on the Anonymous boards. Several of them are proud to be on the Autism Spectrum (they boldly proclaim it), and because of that, their research skills are excellent. They don’t give up. They search and search until they find the missing elements.

The next three lines tie things up, starting with “AGAIN.” The LAST line “Think BDT” is extremely important. What I’m going to tell you may sound like an extreme exaggeration or plain old fiction. You can certainly do your own research. If we take everything into consideration, here’s what happened.

The CIA (Q calls them Clowns in America), had locked the President out of the NSA servers. The NSA servers in Hawaii are separate from the servers that exist on the continental US. Apparently, Trump had tried to obtain the information on the Hawaiian servers (and the President has the authority and clearance to do that as the highest official in the United States. It is within his perview), but could not because of the Clowns locking him out.

So, on his way back from Asia, Trump stopped at Hawaii. He apparently had an AI software program with him to attempt to get the data from those servers, but there was another way. This second way would cause the Hawaiian NSA servers to do an automatic BDT (bulk data transfer) to the NSA servers in the Continental US (CONUS). What was that second way? A DEFCON 1 alert. As soon as that alert was activated, the computers would assume that a real nuclear missile was heading toward Hawaii and would then automatically take ALL information from the Hawaii NSA servers and back it up to the servers in the continental US.

Someone very important was “extracted” from here yesterday.

This is apparently what happened, which means that all of the information contained in the Hawaii NSA servers was automatically backed up to the servers over here and Adm. Mike Rogers and his team could then immediately begin going through it with a fine-tooth comb and provide the DOJ (and the President), with any information related to the U1 deal as well as other things that are now breaking in the media, which the MSM is desperately trying to either negate or ignore.

Q made it painfully clear that this particular incident was absolutely needed for the sake of the United States. There was no other way (NO OTHER VEHICLE TO REGAIN ENTRY). President Trump had only two options and triggering the false missile alert was the BEST way to ensure that all of the information on the NSA servers in Hawaii was sent to the servers in the continental US. Once Rogers’ team had it, they could begin going through it.

You see, what is patently absurd happened only a few days later, when the FBI said they couldn’t find text messages between Strzok and Page. Then they couldn’t find other documents. When I read that, I laughed because I knew that the NSA had everything and it would simply be a matter of time. True to form, we have been watching as a steady stream of text messages and other documents have been released to the public.

You know, Q has provided so much Intel that it would be difficult to share all of it. Some of it sounds unbelievable. Because of all the data from the NSA, President Trump’s people have found so much that indicts corrupt players like  Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Comey, etc., that we tend to wonder why these people have not been arrested yet. I believe that it is coming. In fact, Q shared a situation yesterday that occurred in Shanghai and he shared still images from a drone right when it was happening. Apparently, someone extremely high up on the food chain was arrested/extracted yesterday from a high-rise mansion there. We don’t know who it is, but we will likely learn.

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