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Gab is a relatively new social media site, and it’s still in the startup phase in terms of its features and functionality. But it’s still a great source of website traffic, if you know how to get a significant following of fellow Gabbers.

Since Gab has no limits in place on how many users you can follow, the best method is to follow as many as possible. Around 12-15% will follow you back, but since Gab just rolled out it’s “Who to follow” feature, you can gain a lot of followers very quickly if you post frequently and follow new people daily.

All the tricks that no longer work for building an audience on Twitter will work on Gab. Mass follow 100,000 users, then unfollow everyone that doesn’t follow you back. Out of the 400,000 users officially reported by the company, only 70,000 appear to be regularly active, but that number is steadily increasing.

One benefit of Gab versus Twitter and Facebook is that they don’t filter your content. The latter two push advertisements and content from groups to the top of newsfeeds, so your status updates and tweets only end up being seen by 7-8% of your audience. On Gab, your content is seen by everyone that follows you. That means 10,000 followers on Gab are equal to over 100,000 fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

As the site grows its userbase and develops plugins for CMS software like WordPress, Gab could become an untapped source of website traffic and revenue for digital marketers.

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