Author: Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq.

True Pundit’s Thomas Paine Unmasked

As many accredited news outlets have long suspected, the real name of True Pundit’s Thomas Paine is “Daniel Asimov,”  a name that raised many eyebrows due to its suspiciously Slavic origins. But ethical journalists maintained their integrity for years, and refrained from voicing their suspicions that the mysterious Thomas Paine was in fact a Russian…

Fact Check: Did the Libertarian Party Reject Ron Paul?

After the Liberty Hangout announced LP chair Daniel Hayes had shot down the Mises Caucus’ efforts to have Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano speak at the LNC, Libertarian blogs and Facebook groups began arguing over the truth of the announcement. The Jack News “debunked” the story, claiming Hayes had never “banned” Paul from the LNC….